Banks that give credit to people with low credit ratings

The credit rating can be treated as a breakdown describing all your transactions with banks. Many banks offer you different products and the person you show at the stage of using these products will get your profile and credit rating determined.

In the review of banks that give credit to those with low credit ratings, we will mention the assurances that will help you to obtain credit and increase your credit rating on which banks.

Why does the Credit Rating drop?


A person has many exchanges with banks during his lifetime. In these purchases, it is possible to use different options such as credit card, deposit account, and credit products. Only the credit ratings of people who do not create a secure domain contact profile will decrease naturally.

The factor that has had the biggest impact on the decrease in the credit rating is the lack of regular payments. In addition to the decrease in the credit rating of a bank customer who does not make payments in a regular manner, it may even be a matter of face to face situations similar to execution as a result of the debts growing with interest rates.

Is Credit Rating Upgraded?

Is Credit Rating Upgraded?

There are many ways to increase your credit rating, you just need to get started by starting to make your payments organized in the first step. It will be possible for you to have a reliable recipient profile with the step of making regular payments in the face of purchases.

In addition, from the risky credit rating group, you can be included in an average credit rating group. Make payments with the full amount, not just the minimum, and be careful not to take advantage of credit campaigns that exceed your limits.

Especially when you apply for credit frequently, it causes your credit rating to be damaged significantly. For this reason, to review and apply for credit campaigns and loan products within your income level will support you at the stage of getting approval for the products.

Campaign for Those with Low Credit Rating in Good Finance

Good Finance is a bank in Turkey for many years and often stands out with campaigns that have made loans to customers. You can apply to Good Finance even if your credit score is low and you can use a standard general-purpose loan with a maturity of up to 48 months.

In this requirement loan, which customers can use with 1.71% interest rates, a total of 48 months maturity can be determined. Since the type of loan is a consumer loan, your loan amount corresponds to the rate that a standard consumer loan would offer.

Campaign For Those With Low Credit Rating In Good Lender

Campaign For Those With Low Credit Rating In Good Lender

Adopting place in Turkey’s leading banks’ Good Lenders credit notes are included in the ranking of banks providing loans to low persons. In this way, every person with a low credit rating can have the opportunity to withdraw credit from Good Lender.

This advantage provided by Good Lender is in the name of eliminating the option for citizens with low credit ratings to obtain credit with other intermediary institutions, and with the bank’s efforts in this regard, you have the opportunity to withdraw credit even if you have 0 credit ratings.

You do not need to have a regular income in the credit campaign for citizens with low credit ratings, which are covered by Good Lender’s consumer loans. It is sufficient for the bank to have an asset that you can only show as an assurance. The interest rates of the loan, which you can withdraw with a USD 10,000 consistent and 24-month maturity, can start from 1.69% to 1.79%.

Campaign for Low Credit Rating in Good Lender

Good Lender offers loans to citizens with low to medium income levels, along with its various campaigns. For this reason, the bank’s loans are in a structure that adapts to many budgets.

The loan given to the low credit rating that you can use in Good Lender is within the scope of consumer loans. With the digital branch office, you can apply for this loan online. Therefore, you do not need to go to Good Lender branches.

You can use a loan up to 30.000 USD in the campaign organized for low credit rating in Good Lender.